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Hall Features

  • Capacity: 75 People. *This is a COVID-19 Requirement.*
  • Parking: 40 Spaces in main lot. 30 in overflow lot.
  • Hall Size: 57ft long by 46ft wide
  • 20 Round Tables, 16 Rectangular Tables, 150 Chairs
    • Round Table Diameter: 5ft
    • Rectangular Table Dimension: 8ft by 2.5ft
  • Elevator Equipped
  • Warming Kitchen Available to Reheat Food
  • Refrigerator, Freezer and Ice Maker Available for Use

Rates and Fees

  • $80/hr all times except Friday, Saturday and Sunday 5pm-10pm
  • $155/hr Friday, Saturday and Sunday 5pm-10pm
  • $150 dollar non-refundable cleaning fee. We clean up for you!
  • $40/hr Setup and Breakdown time.
  • Required Extra: Parties where alcohol will be served or consumed, either provided or BYOB, $20/hr alcohol fee.
  • Optional Extra: $50-Unlimited use of our projector system during your rental.
  • Optional Extra: $20 Rent our York Road Sign for 7 days. Visit our Sign Rental page for more information.

Free Wi-Fi Included!

HDMI Projector and Sonos Audio System Available!

Book a Character Party Today with The Enchanted Teapot!


The Enchanted Teapot provides many of the characters that participate in CVFC fundraisers and features a wide range of characters. For more information or to book, visit their website. 


Here are the Steps for a Reservation:


  1. Select the date and hours you wish to book, then complete the booking form.
    • Only select the hours of your actual event.
    • Enter the desired number of setup hours and breakdown hours in the booking information.
    • You may purchase as much setup time as you wish; however, you cannot have a gap between setup time and event start time.
    • You may purchase as much breakdown time as you wish; however, all persons, vendors and property must have left the facility by Midnight.
    • The price for setup and breakdown time will be manually added to your contract when it is created.
  2. The Hall Rental Committee will review your request and issue a contract.
  3. Once approved, you will receive a contract via your selected method. You MUST return the contract and pay the $300 dollar refundable security deposit within 7 business days of your reservation approval.
  4. The balance must be paid within 14 business days of the reservation date.
  5. You may cancel with a refund up to 2 weeks before your reservation date.


Interested in a message on our York Road sign? Visit our Sign Rental page. 


If you have any questions, want to book a rental outside the calendared hours, or a rental within 7 days of today, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

3-31-2021 Hall Rental Update


We are excited to announce the return of hall rentals to CVFC. Hall rentals will resume in late April, with the following conditions.


1.) Capacity will be limited to 75 persons.
2.) Hours will be reduced to 10am to 10pm.
3.) A limited number of rental days will be offered to ensure that there is time to disinfect both before and after a rental.

4.) Currently bookings can be made only through August 31st 2021. We will be evaluating the reopening of the hall rental program as well as COVID-19 conditions to determine what level of bookings we can offer for the fall.

5.) All Federal, State and Local guidelines must be followed while renting.



If you are interested in renting a day that is not listed, such a business looking for a place for a socially distanced meeting or a weekday evening party, please use the contact form below to inquire along with possible dates.

Contact Us

Interested in viewing the hall, looking to rent on a weekday, or have a question/concern about the hall or your booking? Use the form below to contact the Hall Renal Committee.

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