Engine 391

Pierce Enforcer

6 Person Cab

200 Foot Attack Lines

1000 Foot Supply Lines

Engine 392

American LaFrance Engine

8 Person Cab

200 Foot Attack Lines

1000 Foot Supply Line

Special Unit 393

Ford F-350 Engine and Body

Booster Line for Brush and Forest Fires

Bumper Mounted Winch

Brush Firefighting Tools

(New Tanker Support Coming 2023)

Tanker Support 394

F-550 Extended Body

Pump and Drafting Equipment

Front Mounted Wench

Medical First Responder Equipment

Medic 395

Ford F550 Road Rescue

Basic and Advanced Life Support Equipped

Stryker Automatic Stretcher Loading System

Enlarged Space for Patient Care

Utility 397

2017 Chevy Suburban

Medical First Responder equipped with AED.

Ballistic Vest Equipped

Up to 4 Person Crew

Chevy Surburban

Non-Emergency Vehicle for Company Business


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