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Support Members

While many people associate volunteering in the fire service with responding to calls, there are many equally important positions in the firehouse. The modern volunteer firehouse has a multitude of functions outside of responding to calls. If you are interested in volunteering in a way that doesn’t involve responding to calls here are a few ways you can be helpful to your local volunteer fire company.


Highlighted below are some examples of support member opportunities, but this list is by no means exclusive. If you have an idea how you would like to help us, please use the contact us form below.

Did You Know?

Support Members function in many vital roles inside the firehouse.

Information Technology

From storing call incident information to providing WiFi for members to use while staffing the station, the modern firehouse is full of technology. Here are some examples of needed skills:


  • Windows Desktop Management
  • Active Directory/Windows Server Management
  • Wired and Wireless Networking with UniFi Networking.
  • Security/Firewall Management
  • AV Installation and Support

Media and Marketing

Telling the story of Cockeysville Volunteer Fire Company is an important part of our mission. From recruiting new members to informing the community of upcoming events, media and marketing are important to the mission of our firehouse. Here are some skills we could use help with.


  • Social Media Outreach Management
  • Print Marketing
  • Web and Graphic Design
  • Commercial Video/Audio Production
  • Photography


Fundraising is essential to volunteer fire companies, and Cockeysville VFC is no exception. Throughout the year, we host a number of fundraisers, to include:


  • Breakfast with the Easter Bunny
  • Family Movie Nights
  • Concerts
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Sexy Bingo
  • Breakfast with Santa Claus

Accounting and Office Management

In order for CVFC to fulfil it’s mission to protect the community, we must have the right equipment to do our jobs and the right paperwork must be filed after we do our jobs. As an accountant, you can help us ensure we have the right equipment by helping us maintain our financial records and comply with Federal and State reporting requirements for our 501.C.3 status.


As an office manager, you can help our Firefighters and EMTs process, record and file the many forms and reports that are required as part of the fire service. Keeping our records organized ensures our members are getting the right training, ensures that the community can access incident reports when needed, and prepares us for audits from the State and County.

Hall Rental

CVFC’s largest fundraiser is its rental hall. Our hall is available to rent year-round to the community for a variety of purposes.


As a hall rental support member, you can use your hospitality management skills to assist in promoting and advertising the hall to increase business, working with prospective clients to answer questions and show the facility, use information from our booking system to create contracts as well as supervise after rental cleanups.

Skilled Trades

The above-listed examples are just a few of the ways you can support Cockeysville Volunteer Fire Company. Other ways include, but are not limited to:


  • Gasoline and Diesel Engine Mechanics
  • Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC technicians
  • Construction and Building Maintenance workers.

Specific Information for Support Members

The following information is for those applying for the non-riding support member position.


Application Process:

  • Complete the Volunteer Application by clicking the button below. Select “Support Member” under “I want to be”
  • Pay the $100 application fee.
  • You will be contacted to schedule an interview and complete your drug test and background check.
  • Ensure your references have completed the reference form emailed to them.
  • Once all is complete, you will be voted upon by the company and contacted by the Secretary with the results of the vote.


Membership Requirements:

  • 12 Month Probationary Period
  • 120 Hours of In-Station Time. This time may be completed in whatever way is best suited for your support role(s).
  • Participation in 1 year round committee.
  • Participation in 1 fundraiser committee.


Once off probation, members must earn 50 points throughout the year to be considered “Active” members. Points are earned by participation in meetings, committees and in-station hours. During your interview you will learn more about this and have an opportunity to ask questions.

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