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Cockeysville Volunteer Fire Company responds to emergencies in all parts of Baltimore County, as well as the surrounding counties. But, like other stations, we have a primary response area where we are charged with being the first to respond to an emergency. This is known in fire department lingo as a “first due” area and for us, this includes the towns of Cockeysville, Hunt Valley, Sparks, and surrounding areas.

First Due Boundaries

North: Belfast Road
South: Warren Road
East: Phoenix Road
West: Falls Road

First Due Facts

 Population: 20,776
Total Area: 42.5 square miles
Major Roads: I-83, York Road
Major Railroads: MTA Light Rail
Density: Rural North to Urban South
Hydrant Coverage: ~50%


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Suppression Top 10

  1. Cliff Michael
  2. Gavan Taylor
  3. Christopher Johnson
  4. Grady Isaacson
  5. Kevin Roberts
  6. James Kelly
  7. Gary Ball
  8. Greg Primrose
  9. Colleen Hawkins-Ball
  10. Nicholas Trivett

EMS Top 10

  1. Eric Shipley
  2. Ram Swaminathan
  3. Fouad Saiedy
  4. Emma Galambos
  5. James Kelly
  6. Avery Gulino
  7. Chris James
  8. Anthony Prabucki
  9. Greg Primrose
  10. Joshua Volosov