Engine 391

Pierce Enforcer
6 Person Cab
1000 Gallon Reserve
Firest Responder Equipment
Forcible Entry and Rescue Tools
2x200ft Attack Lines
1000Ft Supply Lines
Rear Intake and Connects.

Engine 392

  • American LaFrance Engine
  • Carries 8 Firefighters
  • 1000 Gallon Reserve
  • 2x200Ft Attack Lines
  • 1000Ft Supply Line
  • Forcible Entry and Rescue Tools
  • First Responder Equipment

Special Unit 393

  • Ford F-350 Engine and Body
  • Booster Line for Brush and Forest Fires
  • Bumper Mounted Tow Line
  • Brush and Wildland Firefighting Tools
  • Medical First Responder Equipment

Tanker Support 394

  • F-550 Extended Body
  • Pump and Drafting Supplies
  • Front Mounted Wench
  • Medical First Responder Equipment

Medic 395

  • PL Custom
  • Equipped for Basic and Advanced Life Support
  • CPR Chair for Better Access to Patient
  • Headset Communications to Protect Hearing
  • Hydraulic Lift for Moving Main Oxygen Tanks
  • Automatic Lifting Stretcher

Utility 397

  • 2017 Chevy Suburban
  • Medical First Responder equipped with AED.
  • LED Light Package

Chevy Suburban

  • Non-Emergency vehicle used to transport members to training, relieve medic crews at shift change, and conduct company business.